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Gamifying construction.

  Is this the game changer? Gaming and what it can do for construction. For a few years, we’ve been told that gamification is the future of education. The term, coined in 2002, has entered the public consciousness only in the last decade but the concept has been around much longer. Daniel Griffin argues that gamification has been used by the scout movement’s use of ranks and badges for decades as a way to ‘keep score’ (though undoubtedly using this definition you can claim that the practice goes back much further). Gamification truly took off with the introduction of the
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If the Housing Bubble bursts it’s because you over inflated it.

How can the bottom fall out of the housing market? A lot of our business revolves around the construction industry so I try to keep informed of the industry news. Construction news recently published an article titled “How long can the housebuilder results boom last?” which got me thinking. Surely with all the people who require housing, there is almost no end to the amount of houses we need? Well, yes but demand isn’t the problem – nor is production yet (though it may be within the next decade due to talent shortage — for more on that see this
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Brexit Blues? It may not be that bad…

Are we at risk of overestimating Brexit concerns?   With The BBC and other news outlets touting today[1] that the service industry is recovering today it is easy to get carried away with a belief that we’re out of the woods with the “post Brexit-Blues” and say that everything is recovering. Indeed the construction industry that forms a good portion of our client base has been an area of particular interest. News outlets only a few months ago were touting that the construction industry was failing to recover after the shock of Brexit but then things changed. Headlines such as
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