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Don’t get taken for a ride by cowboys with your glass polishing.

How not to get taken for a ride by cowboys when it comes to glass polishing.   Glass polishing has been around for as long as glass itself. It has relatively recently grown into a new industry treating surface damage on clear flat glass (such as windows, doors, table tops etc). The technology itself has come a long way in a short time and these advances allow us to provide the very best in glass surface treatments. Some glass polishing companies and ‘one man bands’ are highly professional but there are a number of rogues in the marketplace providing poor
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A Brief History of Glass Repair.

If something gets damaged on-site it can be a disaster; having it damaged is just not an option when dealing with clients who are expecting the best. So you have to replace it right? Well not necessarily. Technology has advanced to a stage where many things previously considered beyond repair are now fixable with near-invisible mends. Consider Glass Windows – previously a chip may warrant a complete replacement of the glass panel. Glass repair systems have been used in automotive windscreen repair for over 30 years. The first repair process was an oil based fluid poured into the area of
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