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World’s finest glass repair technology and great service

  We make it Crystal clear – Our Glass repairing services are second to none. Often we are called to jobs where someone has already tried to polish their glass either with a professional or s a homemade repair. Our customers know and will happily tell you that our finish is superior to any other on the market today. We uniquely hold a licence for a technology from a US company – Novus – a company which pioneered the development of glass repair technologies for over 40 years. The technology we use is the world’s most advanced polishing system and
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Don’t get taken for a ride by cowboys with your glass polishing.

How not to get taken for a ride by cowboys when it comes to glass polishing.   Glass polishing has been around for as long as glass itself. It has relatively recently grown into a new industry treating surface damage on clear flat glass (such as windows, doors, table tops etc). The technology itself has come a long way in a short time and these advances allow us to provide the very best in glass surface treatments. Some glass polishing companies and ‘one man bands’ are highly professional but there are a number of rogues in the marketplace providing poor
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The Environmental Benefits of Reuse.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Why reusing with our Glass Polishing System could be better for the Environment. Most people nowadays are familiar with the 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – After all our children are taught about it from a young age, and it is an increasingly common focus for businesses as part of their business responsibility. Glass recycling is one of the most advanced in the field with glass 100% Recyclable and can be repeatedly recycled without a reduction in quality. From a business perspective, recycled glass reduces emissions and consumption of raw materials and saves energy. With the effectiveness
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